The NordiLet® pen is an all-in-one, liquid, pre-filled, multi-dose hGH injection device.

The NordiLet® pen is replacing vials in emerging markets.

  • Easy to use
    No mixing, no loading. Ready for use. Read more
  • Designed for convenience and compliance
    Keeps safely at up to 25°C/77°F – free from refrigeration – for 3 weeks.*†1,2 Read more
  • Simple, flexible, accurate dosing
    Wide range of strengths for low and high-dose patients. Read more
  • Less painful to inject
    Contains histidine and phenol – the least painful buffer and preservative composition.3 Read more
  • Optimal comfort for optimal compliance
    The NovoFine® needles are the sharpest and thinnest commercially available. Read more
  • Preferred by patients
    94% of patients and parents prefer the Novo Nordisk growth hormone injection system.4 Read more

* Approved for the 5 mg and 10 mg NordiLet® pens only. The 15 mg NordiLet® pen must be kept cool at 2-8°C.
† Once in use.